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Italian Design in Context: Learning from La Citta IAT 392 (3)

Part of the 9-12 Credit ItaliaDesign Field School curriculum. Field school instruction is in three phases: (1) Vancouver: methodology and preparatory research work; (2) field study on-site in Italy, and upon return to Vancouver; (3) synthesis and writing-up of research and final arguments. This course fulfils one half of phase 2 fieldwork in Italy. Student work is primarily in Rome and the hill towns of Tuscany and Florence. It requires using design and social science field methodologies to organize observations made of daily life and its expression in cultural patterns. Pattern "languages" provide a taxonomy, linking prior scholarship to student field work. This work in turn provides historical roots to understanding contemporary Italian design and design industry. Prerequisite: Completion of 45 units, including IAT 391 with a minimum grade of C-. Corequisite: IAT 393 (ItaliaDesign Field School).