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Mediated, Virtual, and Augmented Reality IAT 848 (3)

Covers the emerging field of virtual, augmented, mediated, and mixed reality from human-centered, research, technical, and ethical perspectives. Discusses and analyzes design, development, usage, and evaluation of technologies that can be used to mediate human experience and interaction with virtual and real environments including Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities (together known as XR). Investigates how these emerging technologies can affect and augment human perceptual, motor, cognitive and socio-emotional processes. Analyzes human-centered approaches to interaction with 3D real and virtual content, using visual, auditory, haptic, kinesthetic, physiological and neurophysiological modalities. Design guidelines and practices are covered throughout. Considers aesthetic, cultural and ethical implications of mediating reality. Prerequisite: IAT 806 and one of IAT 801 or 802 or 803 or 834 or permission of the instructor.