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Filmmaking II CA 230 (5)

The first of two courses (CA (or FPA) 231-5 is the second) which form an intensive study of the craft of filmmaking, with an emphasis on production planning, creative development and the shooting and editing of short films. In-class exercises and film screenings will lead to the production of several original films. Each student will be expected to play major creative and technical roles in these productions. A laboratory fee is required. Film production may require personal funding in addition to the lab fees. Prerequisite: CA (or FPA) 131, and CA (or FPA) 136 or 137, and prior approval. Corequisite: CA 233. Students who have taken CA (or FPA) 330 for credit may not complete this course for further credit. Students with credit for FPA 230 may not take this course for further credit.