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Introduction to Indigenous Language I INLG 133 (3)

Introduces the structure of an Indigenous language, including phonetics, vocabulary, word formation, and grammatical constructions. Based on a designated language and usually chosen from the Northwest coast area. Students may retake this course for credit with focus on a different Indigenous language. Students who have credit for FNLG 231 may not take this course for further credit for the same designated language.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
A010 TBD
A100 TBD
A120 TBD
A200 TBD
A320 TBD
A325 TBD
A330 Sessional
A340 TBD
A345 TBD
A350 TBD
A370 TBD
A380 TBD
A390 TBD
A500 TBD
A600 TBD
A770 TBD
A900 TBD
A970 TBD