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Introduction to INLG II INLG 134 (3)

A continuation of the introductory course in an Indigenous language, including phonetics, vocabulary, word formation, and grammatical constructions. Based on a designated language and will usually be chosen from the Northwest Coast area. Students may take this course for credit with focus on a different Indigenous language. Prerequisite: INLG (or FNLG) 133. Students who have completed FNLG 134 or FNLG 232 or LING 232 may not complete this course for further credit for the same designated language.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
A100 TBD
A200 Sessional
A320 TBD
A325 TBD
A330 TBD
A500 TBD
A600 TBD
A770 TBD
A900 TBD
A970 TBD