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Student Conduct

Simon Fraser University is committed to creating a scholarly community characterized by honesty, civility, diversity, free inquiry, mutual respect, individual safety and freedom from harassment and discrimination. The S10 Academic Integrity and Good Conduct Policy defines students' basic responsibilities as academic community members, defines inappropriate student conduct, and provides procedures and outcomes to be invoked if students engage in such behaviour. Each student is responsible for their conduct which affects the university community. The code shall not be construed to unreasonably prohibit peaceful assemblies, demonstrations or free speech.

The following is a representative but not exhaustive list of behaviours constituting misconduct:

  • harming, injuring or threatening any person (by word or action or through electronic means);
  • endangering or threatening the health, safety or well-being of any individual;
  • engaging in initiation ceremonies or other rituals that are dehumanizing or degrading;
  • behaviour which results in damage, destruction or theft of university property or the property of any university member;
  • forging, misusing or altering any university document or record;
  • impersonating a member of the university community;
  • unauthorized entry or presence in university premises;
  • misuse of university resources, including computing resources;
  • misuse of disciplinary procedures.

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The university and university authorities are not obligated to enforce any statutes, rules, regulations, or ordinances (including bylaws, codes or policies) if discretionarily enforceable by law or made under its, or their, power or authority.

Furthermore, at all times and particularly during any Uncontrollable Event (defined below), SFU students must comply with the university's safety policies and procedures, as they are amended from time to time, to ensure the health and safety of the campus community. SFU students are also prohibited from creating a health or safety hazard at SFU's campuses. Compliance with the university's safety policies and procedures may include mandatory attendance at safety training programs and meetings, and the university may request or require any student to leave the campus if their behaviour or continued presence poses a health or safety risk for community members. The university also strongly encourages and expects students to take responsibility for their own health and safety, and immediately report unsafe conditions on campus to their instructor or supervisor. The university's health and safety guidance may evolve as any Uncontrollable Event continues. "Uncontrollable Events" means any cause or event beyond the reasonable control of the university, including but not limited to a strike, lockout or labour or civil unrest, war-like operation, invasion, rebellion, hostilities, military or usurped power, sabotage, acts of terrorism, mass-casualty event, outbreak or continued spread of virulent disease or occurrence or continuation of other public health emergency, governmental regulations or controls, serious weather event that disrupts services to the university campus (including road access, water, electricity, and telecommunications), earthquake, Acts of God, and computer attacks or other malicious acts, such as attacks on or through the Internet, any Internet service, telecommunications provider or hosting facility.