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Technology Entrepreneurship II BUS 405 (1)

Business students within the technology entrepreneurship@SFU program will work in cross-disciplinary teams of MSE and BUS students to develop their capstone projects, which will focus on an entrepreneurial initiative. Teams convene and receive guidance, mentorship and content support to assist in project execution. This is the final phase of the project. Prerequisite: Instructor permission, following acceptance into the technology entrepreneurship @SFU program; BUS 360W (or successful completion of an upper division Writing (W) course) and BUS 404 and BUS 477, all with a minimum grade of C-. This course may not be applied toward the three 400-division BUS or BUEC course requirement in the bachelor of business administration. Corequisite: BUS 406. Students with credit for MSE 404 cannot take BUS 405 for further credit.