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Audio Media Analysis CMNS 357 (4)

An intensive analysis of the design and function of audio in all forms of electroacoustic media, including both historical analog and contemporary digital forms of communication. Gives specific attention to sound design in film, television, radio, advertising, gaming, online and other types of media soundtracks. The structure of broadcast media is considered as well as surrogate listening environments, the sound recording as document, patterns and functions of electroacoustic media usage in daily life, and alternative uses of audio media. The format of the course will be seminars with accompanying labs in order to cover both the theoretical and applied aspects of media analysis. Prerequisite: CMNS 258 or CMNS 226, with a minimum grade of C-; or equivalent introductory media course with permission of the instructor. Students who have completed CMNS 386-4 in Spring 2008, 2009 or 2010 may not complete this course for further credit.