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Globalization: Cultural Issues CMNS 423 (4)

Explores the cultural dimension of global flows of capital and data, comparing, on the one hand, the consequences of increased mobility and, on the other hand, the drive towards increased control and immobility of displaced populations. Examines how the tightening of national boundaries and economic and political processes of globalization have left populations "placeless" whether because of war, environmental disaster, etc. Looks at the ways in which these groups make sense of their displacement and immobility through narratives, stories and images, focusing on issues of power and the destruction of social life. Prerequisite: 75 units including CMNS 221 or 223 (or 223W), with a minimum grade of C-; and two CMNS upper division courses with a minimum grade of C-; and CGPA of 3.00 or higher. Students who have taken CMNS 487 in terms 1051, 1057 and 1081 cannot take this course for further credit.