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Colonialism, Culture and Identity CMNS 424 (4)

Examines why identity is such an important issue for contemporary diasporic communities and former colonies. Introduces students to critiques of representations that construct "racialized" groups as inferior, primitive threats to civilization and their constitution of passive, disciplined subjects. Primarily focuses on innovative cultural strategies developed in Indigenous People, the Black diaspora, Asian/Canadian communities and survivors of the Jewish Holocaust to create ethical communities and critique the impact of colonial violence on contemporary societies. Prerequisite: 75 units including CMNS 221 or 223 (or 223W), with a minimum grade of C-; and two CMNS upper division courses with a minimum grade of C-; and CGPA of 3.00 or higher. Students who have taken CMNS 487 in terms 1037, 1047 and 1067 cannot take this course for further credit.