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Seminar in Dialogue and Public Issues CMNS 460 (4)

Focuses on the practical tools and conceptual approaches used in dialogue, with comparisons of the role and impact of dialogue among community, government, corporate, union, First Nations, legal-regulatory, advocacy groups and organizations. Emphasis is on interaction among interest groups and stakeholders, cultures of negotiation and decision-making, techniques of facilitation, and strategies for effective outcomes. This course can be repeated for credit up to a maximum of three times, if topic studied is different. Prerequisite: 75 units, including at least two of CMNS 332, 347, 425, 432, 437, 447, with a minimum grade of C-; DIAL 390W, 391W, or 392W, with a minimum grade of C-. Students with credit for DIAL 460 may not take this course for further credit.