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Computational Media IAT 455 (3)

The representation of media is introduced: specifically one dimensional (sound), two dimensional (images) and three dimensional (moving images). This course focuses on techniques and methods for creating digital video special effects, allowing students to explore their creativity while extending their graphics and programming skills in digital media. Computational techniques based on signal processing are developed that support the creation, manipulation, combination, transformation, compression, storage and display/performance of different media forms. An important aspect is representation in the temporal/spatial vs. the frequency domain and different transformation techniques. Students will be required to generate special effects, critique and analyze effects from movies, develop skills and abilities to manipulate digital video and audio, and implement their own algorithms to express their technical and artistic skills. Prerequisite: Completion of 60 units, including IAT 265 and MACM 101, with a minimum grade of C-. Recommended: MATH 151 or equivalent.