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Introduction to Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences-l MATH 125 (3)

Review of limits and differentiation. Complex numbers and link to polar coordinates. Mathematics of kinematics, including vectors and parametrics curves. Area and Riemann sums. Definite and indefinite integration. Fundamental Theorems of Calculus. Techniques of integration and approximation of integrals. Series and tests of convergence. Taylor series. Solution of first and constant-coefficient second order ODE. Prerequisite: MATH 150 or MATH 151 or MATH 154 with a grade of at least B or IB Mathematics HL with a score of 6 or better or AP Calculus AB or BC with a grade of at least 4, or BC Calculus 12 and a pass on the Calculus Challenge Exam. And Permission of the Department. Recommended corequisite: Physics 125.