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Advanced Professional Studies in Education

Graduate Diploma

Graduate diploma programs are developed in co-operation with other educational partners (E.G. school districts and consortia, Ministry of Education regional offices) and all courses are offered at off-campus sites. Each program addresses a theme that is relevant to that particular educational community. Students normally progress through the program as a cohort.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the University admission requirements as stated in Graduate General Regulations 1.3 in the SFU Calendar. In exceptional circumstances, applicants who do not meet these requirements may be considered if superior scholarly or professional achievement is demonstrated.

The minimum admission requirements are

  • a bachelor's degree from a recognized university
  • a teaching certificate based on a recognized teacher preparation program, and
  • submitted evidence of the student's ability to undertake advanced work in education.

For further information about admission, see the website at

Program Requirements

This program consists of 500 division EDPR courses for a minimum of 30 units. The total units may vary, depending on the program content, but will not be less than 30 units. Course work from other programs or universities may not be transferred into this graduate diploma program.

The courses should include a balance from each of the following categories:

EDPR 501-520 Special Topics

EDPR 521-540 Special Topics

EDPR 541-550 Advanced Field Studies in Curriculum Development I

EDPR 551-560 Advanced Field Studies in Curriculum Development II

EDPR 561-570 Advanced Field Studies in Educational Practice I

EDPR 571-580 Advanced Field Studies in Educational Practice II

EDPR 581-590 Advanced Field Studies in Collaborative Inquiry I

EDPR 591-599 Advanced Field Studies in Collaborative Inquiry II

Program Length

Students are expected to complete the program requirements within six terms.

Academic Requirements within the Graduate General Regulations

All graduate students must satisfy the academic requirements that are specified in the Graduate General Regulations, as well as the specific requirements for the program in which they are enrolled.