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General Studies

Bachelor of General Studies

Graduation Requirements 

Students must complete the minimum requirements of a major in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or two minors (including at least one minor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences), as well as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences degree requirements in order to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In exceptional situations, a student may experience an unforeseen event outside of their control that prevents them from completing their BA degree with a major or two minors. Students experiencing such extenuating circumstances must meet with a Faculty advisor in AQ3020 to discuss their situation. If it is determined by the Faculty advisor that the student meets the criteria for possible approval for graduation with a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree, then the student will submit a written explanation of their circumstances, outlining in detail why they are unable to continue pursuing a BA degree with a major or two minors, and will attach any relevant documentation that supports their request for approval under extenuating circumstances. Their application will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, who will provide a final decision.

Writing, Quantitative, and Breadth Requirements

Students admitted to Simon Fraser University beginning in the fall 2006 term must meet writing, quantitative and breadth requirements as part of any degree program they may undertake. See Writing, Quantitative, and Breadth Requirements for university-wide information.

WQB Graduation Requirements

A grade of C- or better is required to earn W, Q or B credit



W - Writing


Must include at least one upper division course, taken at Simon Fraser University within the student’s major subject
Q - Quantitative


Q courses may be lower or upper division
B - Breadth


Designated Breadth Must be outside the student’s major subject, and may be lower or upper division
6 units Social Sciences: B-Soc
6 units Humanities: B-Hum
6 units Sciences: B-Sci


Additional Breadth 6 units outside the student’s major subject (may or may not be B-designated courses, and will likely help fulfil individual degree program requirements)

Students choosing to complete a joint major, joint honours, double major, two extended minors, an extended minor and a minor, or two minors may satisfy the breadth requirements (designated or not designated) with courses completed in either one or both program areas.


Residency Requirements and Transfer Credit 

The University’s residency requirement stipulates that, in most cases, total transfer and course challenge credit may not exceed 60 units, and may not include more than 15 units as upper division work.

Students admitted into the BGS in the fall of 2009 or later may use up to 60 units of transfer credit towards their Simon Fraser University degree. Students must complete a minimum of 60 units at Simon Fraser University, including at least 30 upper division Simon Fraser University units.

Students admitted into the BGS prior to the fall of 2009 may receive up to 90 units of transfer credit, according to the Calendar in effect at the time of declaration.

Course Duplication

University regulations governing the duplication of courses are rigorously applied in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. No more than five course duplications will be allowed.

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