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Program Requirements

Interactive Arts and Technology One (IAT One) is the first year of your Bachelor's degree at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) - a school for students who are curious about design and technology and the roles they play in the everyday lives of people.

As part of the dynamic IAT One learning community, you will enjoy small classes, supportive study groups, the opportunity to develop real world skills on interdisciplinary project teams, and a commitment to your success. When you finish IAT One you will advance to second year in Interactive Arts and Technology.

In your first year you will be required to take:

SAMPLE Course Plan 
Fall semester Spring Semester
CMPT 166 (or a WQB elective) IAT 167 (or IAT 103W*)
IAT 102 IAT 100 (or IAT 106)
IAT 106 (or IAT 100) MATH 130 or MACM 101**
IAT 103W* (or IAT 167) WQB elective (or CMPT 166)

* you must have your FAL in order to take IAT 103W. If you do not have FAL please take FALX99 in the Fall semester.

** you must have achieved a B or better in Pre-Calculus 12 to take MATH 130 or you will need to take Math 100 as a prerequisite. We recommend you take Math 100 in the Fall semester in place of a core course.

For more information, please visit the IAT One website.