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Calendar Changes and Corrections

The university reserves the right to make changes in this Calendar without prior notice. This Calendar is posted to provide students and others with information about Simon Fraser University. The university used reasonable efforts to confirm the accuracy of this Calendar at the time of posting. In the event of any inaccuracies, the actual courses, curricula, policies, procedures, regulations and requirements in effect will prevail over the provisions posted in the Calendar. In addition, the policies, procedures, programs, regulations and requirements are constantly being reviewed and revised. Any such revision may be made by Simon Fraser University without notice and shall take effect at the time of the revision unless a later date is specified when the revision is to be adopted. Simon Fraser University will endeavor to give the university community as much notice of the revision as it considers the circumstances permit, and will endeavor to incorporate the revision in the next version of the Calendar. Revisions include additions, cancellations and deletions as well as changes. It is understood and agreed that the university will not be in any way liable or legally responsible for any inaccuracies in the Calendar.

Calendar Production

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