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Managerial Economics BUS 207 (3)

Emphasis is upon the relevance of economic models to business decision-making and, in particular, upon the rational analysis of choice alternatives within the firm. Course will include consideration of optimizing techniques and analysis of risk, demand, production and profit in addition to examination of long-term investment decisions and business forecasting. Prerequisite: ECON 103 or ECON 113, ECON 105 or ECON 115, MATH 157, all with a minimum grade of C-; 15 units. Students with credit for ECON 201 may not take this course for further credit. Quantitative.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Karen Ruckman
Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Thu, 2:30–5:20 p.m.
D200 Mohamad Sadri Karami
Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Mon, 2:30–5:20 p.m.
E100 Mohamad Sadri Karami
Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Wed, 5:30–8:20 p.m.