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Mathematics in Action MATH 160W (3)

Students take an active role in modeling mathematics of change through a guided, investigative, discovery-based approach of learning that mimics past and present research methods in mathematics. The course is divided into several modules, each of which centers around a major application in mathematics using calculus such as logistic growth (e.g. spread of diseases), optimization (e.g. cost effective oil pipe line routes), approximation (e.g. security system design), area calculation (e.g. tile design) and volume calculation (e.g. optimal ice cream cone) as well as a function review module and calculus history module. The history module allows students to gain a broad understanding of the developments of calculus and how this branch of mathematics helped to shape other branches of mathematics as well as the sciences. The instructional approach emphasizes conceptual understanding over rote drill and students write, present, and defend their mathematical discoveries. Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus 12 or Foundations of Mathematics 12 (or equivalent) with a grade of at least B, or MATH 100 with a grade of at least C- and SFU FAN credit. Writing/Quantitative/B-Sci.