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Introduction to Biomathematics MATH 360 (3)

Key ideas and mathematical methods used in applications of mathematics to various biological, ecological, physiological, and medical problems. The course derives, interprets, solves and simulates models of biological systems. Topics could include population models, evolution from trait and genetic perspectives and qualitative analysis of ODEs. Prerequisite: MATH 260 with a minimum grade of C- OR MATH 155 with a minimum grade of A-. Strongly Recommended: Experience with a computing platform such as R, MATLAB, or Python. Quantitative.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Ben Ashby
Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Mon, Wed, Fri, 2:30–3:20 p.m.
D102 Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Thu, 3:30–4:20 p.m.