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Undergraduate Student Appeals

Student Responsibility

A student is expected to fulfil the requirements and write the examinations in all courses for which he/she is enrolled after the date shown in the Undergraduate Schedule of Classes and Examinations ( as the last date to drop courses. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that Student Services has the proper information regarding courses in which the student is enrolled. Except in cases of illness, or for compassionate reasons, failure to write the exam constitutes a course failure. A student may receive credit for only the courses in which he/she is officially enrolled according to Student Service’s records.

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Student Appeals

See Graduate Student Appeals for graduate student appeals. Students may appeal certain university decisions as follows.

Reconsideration of Grades

Failing grades have been checked very carefully and appeals seldom result in higher grades except where a clerical error has occurred. See academic policy T20.01 at

Admission and Readmission

Appeals for admission and readmission may be considered by the committee to review university admissions. Student Services provides appeal forms and advice about submitting an appeal. Download a pdf of the appeal form at

Course/Term Withdrawals

At the start of the ninth week to the last day of classes a course(s) may be dropped only in extenuating circumstances. If approved, there will be a WE notation on the student’s academic record for specific courses dropped. Please submit applications to Student Services. Requests arising after the last day of classes, or requests relating to courses completed in a previous term, are referred to as ‘retroactive’ and follow the same procedures as above but may take longer to adjudicate.

Note: The university has the sole discretion to approve WE applications. Normally, applications will be denied for students who apply more than once for the same reason, apply for a retroactive WE more than five years from the date of application or have an academic dishonesty incident report filed for the course. Extenuating circumstances are defined as "unexpected and uncontrollable events that seriously threaten [the student's] academic obligations; [and] make it difficult to complete an academic program". If a course drop is being considered after the last day of classes, it is recommended that students seek advice from Academic Advising and Student Success or their department advisor.

Refund Appeals

The enrollment appeals committee hears appeals for tuition fee refunds for late payment due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control for undergraduate students. The appeal must be supported with proper documents, i.e. medical and/or (in cases that involve a family death) a death certificate. Financial hardship alone does not qualify.

The student must appeal within one calendar year from the time the class(es) is dropped and charges incurred. If the student is uncertain about health, finances, time or other resources, students are advised to be conservative in committing themselves to classes. Student Services provides appeal forms and advice about submitting an appeal. More information can be found on the form available at

Appeals of Academic Penalties

Disputes about the findings may be brought to the university board on student discipline (policy S10.03). Appeals on the following three grounds may be brought to the senate committee on disciplinary appeals (also Policy S10.04).

  • that there was unfairness in the process at the hearing
  • that the penalty imposed was inappropriate
  • that new evidence has emerged that was not available at the hearing and which casts doubt on the accuracy of the finding

Entry to Limited Enrollment Program or Faculty

Appeals may be considered by the appropriate chair, director or dean.

Senate Appeals Board

The senate appeals board considers cases in which a student or former student feels aggrieved by the decision of a faculty, department or other administrative unit relating to an enrollment in courses, university withdrawal, graduation eligibility, program approval, or a matter relating to academic standing when special circumstances are present. Appeals must be submitted in writing, giving the grounds for the appeal. Student Services provides appeal forms and advice on submitting an appeal. Obtain the appeal form at

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