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Career and Volunteer Services supports the career education and professional development of all SFU students

We provide workshops, resources, conversations and opportunities to offer transformative experiences, support aspirations and educate on career development strategies. We promote inclusive and accessible spaces that foster confidence in work or volunteer positions, career, life and student life.

Partner with Us

Career & Volunteer Services actively facilitates and enjoys connections with our partners across academic and non-academic groups to benefit career learning for undergraduate and graduate students. Book a workshop for your class, club, professional development gathering, or working group! We’d love to work with you.

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Our workshops are open to ALL students at SFU (undergraduate, graduate and new alumni) and are facilitated by professional Career Educators from our award-winning office, or by our specially trained Career Peers.

Find Your Why. Tell Your Story. Get Career Ready.

1.    Learn to create an outstanding Résumé that will help you stand out from other applicants. (60 mins)

2.    Learn to write an authentic Cover Letter that makes a great first impression. (60 mins)

3.    Gain confidence and reduce stress by learning Interview Tips for in-person or online interviews(60 mins)

4.    Build a Profile and career statement by identifying your strengths and interests to guide your next moves. (1.5 - 2 hrs).

5.    Look beyond job titles and a discover career path based on real-world Challenges that inspire you. (60 mins)


To book a workshop for your department, class, club, or residence group, please follow the process below. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance of desired dates. Organizers are responsible for booking a room and promotions.

1. Contact us through our online webform

2. Work with a facilitator to bring it to your group, class, or club

3. Workshop duration can be 60 minutes +

4. Follow up appointments can be booked with a career professional

We cannot guarantee to fulfill all requests, however all will be reviewed, and should we not be able to collaborate on a program, we will recommend alternative opportunities. 

Note that this service is only available to Simon Fraser University and affiliated audiences (i.e. staff, students, faculty, new alumni and grad students) and that we will require a minimum attendance.

To view our ongoing events, info sessions, and our annual events already scheduled, please visit our events page.

Our interactive workshops use current career theories, resources and tools to enhance our curriculum and are designed to: engage in a creative process to get clear about who you are and what matters most, generate future possibilities and make well-informed decisions about work and life, develop a compass for creating, recognizing, and acting on opportunities to move forward, and align talents with the future world of work.

Workshops are built around questions students are asking: What kinds of work do I want to do and how do I want to make an impact? What is my story and how do I tell my story effectively? How can I get ready for a change and transition - and do it well? How can I get more career and work direction?  What do I need to know to feel more confident with my skills and choices? What can I do now to get moving in a direction I like? Who am I? Who am I becoming?

We look forward to working with you!