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Career Peers

Do you feel stuck in your job search at this time? Do you need someone who will listen supportively to your concerns, answer your burning questions, and offer thoughtful feedback on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile?

Career Peers are here to support you – the students and recent grads of SFU.

Career Peers advise on creating resumes, writing cover letters, and using LinkedIn tools to build a professional online presence. Career Peers build SFU students up through outreach, events, and education, with a team of like-minded individuals. 

In support of social distancing during COVID, Career Peers have transitioned all services online and deliver 1:1 virtual consultations through Zoom ( 

Career Peers are available Monday to Friday in the morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Call 778-782-3106 or email to find the best appointment time for your schedule.  

Become a Career Peer

Are you interested in developing career-related skills while learning techniques for educating and advising other SFU students? Become a Career Peer Educator! Career Peers receive training from Professional Career Educators, learn to provide meaningful services and have opportunities to form valuable relationships. 

This is a volunteer position that will take 50-60 hours of commitment per term, over 3 terms. The first term is an online Canvas course. The second and third terms are your active terms.

Recruitment for Career Peers is closed. Please check back next year for more details on recruitment.

If you are curious and would like more information, call 778.782.3106 or email questions to or

Career Peer Outreaches & Workshops

One-on-one consultations with SFU students

SFU FCAT Online Resume Workshop

Tabling presence at Career Fairs and Campus Club Days

Fraser International College Online Resume Workshop

Career Peers career building with SFU students and clubs

TD Surrey CEC Online Resume Workshop


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See how Career Peer Julia finds confidence and gains perspective regarding career and educational planning at the West Coast Virtual Fair. The final piece of a two-part series. View her blog post here

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Not many students know that there are extra perks of being in university. In addition to huge discounts, free access to normally paid services, and cheaper subscriptions to popular products, here is a list of everything you need to take advantage of as an SFU student! View Emily's blog post here

Blog Post: Career Peer Experiences During COVID-19 - A Wonderful Opportunity 

Sharon Gill, a fourth-year SFU psych student who became a Career Peer this Summer, shares her story with Haebin Pan, a fellow Career Peer, about the many changes of being a Career Peer during COVID-19. View her blog post here

Youtube: A Day in the Life of a Career Peer

Career Peer, Matthew Furtado gives us a sneak peak on what it is like to be a Career Peer Educator here.

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Sarah Saghah shares her experience as a Career Peer Educator to help those who are interested in becoming a peer. View her blog post here

Meet our Career Peers

Abhishek Kaushal

Joint Major: Psychology and Criminology

Click here for bio

Emily Feng

Major: Criminology 

Click here for bio

Felicity Jiang

Joint Major: Business and Psychology

Click here for bio

Haebin Pan

Major: English

Click here for bio

Hannah Nielsen

Major: Psychology

Click here for bio

Julia Brown

Major: Sociology 

Click here for bio

Lucien Kang

Major: Psychology

Click here for bio

Mina Keung

Major: Linguistics

Click here for bio

Pedram Agand

Major: Computer Science

Click here for bio

Sharon Gill

Major: Psychology

Click here for bio

Thi Ho (Sally)

Major: Economics

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