Hi everyone!

My name is Abhishek Kaushal. I am doing a major in Psychology and minor in Counselling and Human Development at SFU.

I love to travel and had been over to more than 15 countries. I had the opportunity to meet people all around the globe. Travelling helped me to learn about various cultures and allowed me to appreciate diversity.

Apart from that, I like to volunteer, listen to music and play various kinds of sports. I was in my school volleyball and cricket team which helped me to learn the significance of discipline and physical fitness in life. I recommend others to volunteer and engage in extracurricular activities as it is a fun way to make new friends and it helps to find your interests.

I believe that we all come across difficult times in our lives but with strong determination and hard work, we can overcome and grow as an individual.

I am confident that my professional and volunteering experience will enhance my ability to perform well as a career peer. I will be glad to help.

Looking forward to meeting you all!