Hello hello,

My name is Dao Anh Nguyen. A third-year business student concentrating in Accounting and Management Information System is here to help!

Over the past few years, I have thrown myself into a handful of part-time jobs working in different roles and environments. My life has kept changing over ever since I came to Canada and that's just how I grow. I have been fortunate to work with a bunch of amazing people and grateful for every experience I have gone through.

What makes me wake up every morning is improving myself constantly while making a positive impact on others and being helpful to the community that I am living in. I hope I will be able to help you with your school-to-work transition as I understand how disheartened it can sometimes be. To see the fruits of your labour, you will have to give your best shot to the employers when sending out every single piece of your resume and cover letter. The juice just has to be worth the squeeze.

Aside from school and work, I am busy feeding and cleaning the litter box for my cat, who is currently dominating my social media accounts.

I am super excited to be involved with the Career & Volunteer Services. Please use me as a resource if you need any support during the semester. Thanks for spending your time reading my bio and now it's time to drop by and have a chat. Looking forward to seeing you soon!