Hi there, my name is Felicity. I'm a fourth-year student studying in a Joint Major in Business and Psychology. 

In the first three years of my undergrad, I have done lots of self-debating on whether I should choose Business or Psychology to pursue as my career. The main reason that I decided on a Joint Major is that I could start off knowing a little of both even though I changed my mind later. I was involved in many clubs and volunteer positions on campus and hoping these experiences would help me with the decision. Then, a thought of pursuing a counselling field came suddenly at the end of my third year after the completion of my first co-op as a Transition Events Assistant at SFU. During the co-op semester, I worked closely with students and saw many struggles that current students faced. This work experience led me to think of becoming a professional counsellor to assist others with the challenges of living, school or other aspects. 

Looking back to my last couple of years, I have seen how each of my experience play a role in defining my career goal. I was glad that I took my time to explore different opportunities. There is no good or bad experience, but how we reflect on each experience helps us better understand what we truly enjoy doing. 

I look forward to meeting you all and helping you succeed in school and job searching!