My name is Gillian, a third-year Linguistics major pursuing a minor in Developmental and Learning
Disabilities and in the process of finishing a certificate in Speech Science . In the past I have volunteered
and worked as an instructor at SFU Camps and have gained experience in mentoring and training
volunteers in enhancing their leadership skills as well as communication skills.

In my spare time I listen to music, play my guitar, and try to learn a new language. I love to travel, and
also enjoy trying out new food spots, so if you have any good recommendations for both food places
and music, I am all ears!

Working towards a goal means you have committed time and effort into reaching it, I believe the same
mentality is needed when looking into careers. A lot of preparation and hard work is necessary but
sometimes we don’t know where to start. I know I was anxious figuring out what I needed to do and
how to accomplish it. As Career Peers, we are here to help prepare and guide you. I am excited to meet
you all! Don’t hesitate to reach out!