Hi guys!

My name is Lakshay Sethi. I am in my third year at SFU, currently studying computer science. Computers have always been my passion and I love to work with all kinds of data to find patterns in all aspects of life.

When I am not studying or watching movies in the library, you can often find me hiking around the Burnaby mountain. I also like playing pool and exploring the city in search of good eateries.  A fun fact about me: I have tried over 13+ cuisines from all around the world.

I came to Canada as an international student two years ago, and am of the opinion that no one is an Island and want to help my fellow students as someone helped me during my journey. 

I believe that a career is a very fluid thing and sometimes having someone along with you can make all the difference.

So, I look forward to assisting you and possibly becoming that someone on your professional journey.