Hi everyone,

My name is Chengyi Kang and you can call me Lucien as well. I am in my 4th year majoring in Psychology at SFU.

I was studying a minor in Sociology initially but have recently changed it to Counselling and Human Development even though I am graduating soon. I made this change because I realized this is the career I want to pursue in the future, and my previous experience has motivated me to make such decision. The roles I took in events like the Big Mini Fair, ELC program and Week of Welcome helped me realize my strengths and potential. On top of that, my volunteering in S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and Vancouver International Film Festival has also helped me found my passion in helping others.

Finding a path to career is not always easy. I can totally relate to the difficulties we face when we have no clue about what to do and the loss of confidence when we encounter failures. One thing I learned from Passport to Leadership and my own progress is that no personal skill or quality is too small to contribute to our career interests. In my opinion, the definition of a career can mean differently to everyone, and all the qualities and experience of yours are essential to your own definition of success. Reflecting upon my journey, I especially enjoyed exploring novelty and new experience. For me, not being afraid to try new things means maximizing our opportunities in life.

Anxiety, fear of uncertainty, and the lack of resources are some of the common obstacles in exploring your career. Here is where we, as Peer Educators, can step in to help. I would love to share the knowledge and information I have and help you to build your career plans. I am looking forward to meeting you!