Hi there! My name is Matt and I am currently working towards my major in Economics and minor in Business. I originally started my studies at KPU and transferred to SFU in 2019.  My transition over to SFU went quite smoothly as I enjoy learning new things and am constantly seeking out new learning opportunities. 

Outside of school, I have experience with customer service as well as sales where I have developed from working in retail and coaching basketball for a couple of years. I enjoy working with customer service because I like to make connections with people and help customers by using my experience and knowledge. One of the most beneficial things I took from working in customer service is where I got to improve my communication skills and constantly improve my social abilities and my communication proficiency. 

During my free time, I like to participate in a variety of activities such as going on hikes, bike rides, or playing basketball since I’m a huge basketball fan. 

Can’t wait to meet you all!