Hi everyone,

My name is Prabdeep. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Counselling and Human Development.

I have always enjoyed helping others and taking on mentor roles, which are reflected in my past experiences as a yearbook editor in high school and my retail experience. In both these roles, I guided my peers and co-workers to gain the skills necessary to complete their tasks. I also gained valuable experience communicating with a diverse range of people that helped me develop effective listening and communication skills.

I like to view careers as dynamic due to the ever-changing experiences you accumulate. It's not just a simple title on your resume but an opportunity to grow into someone equipped with more skills. Sometimes it can be difficult to see how your experiences have helped you grow. Therefore, I hope to be able to provide clarity for you in order to help you realize how capable you actually are!

In my free time, I mostly enjoy reading and watching TV shows. I also enjoy writing short stories whenever I feel inspired by a piece of music.

I am always happy to listen and help, so feel free to ask any questions.

I look forward to meeting you!