Welcome to Career and Volunteer Services.

My name is Ria Verma. I’ve recently transferred to SFU from KPU. This is my second semester at SFU.

I’ve always loved to volunteer as it provides me joy and the feeling of giving something back to society. It’s hard to volunteer during this pandemic but I’m glad I’ll be able to serve a SFU community. SFU provides amazing opportunities for everyone to grow and learn from. I follow the principle of never regretting anything and living life to the fullest. This provides an essence to my life. Meeting new people adds charm to my journey. I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

I have a dream of travelling around the world. I’ve been to a few countries and have some amazing experiences. Traveling gave me the opportunity to explore different cultures, have new adventures. Looking forward to more experiences.

Fun Fact: I skydived from 10,000 ft, It was breath-taking.

Career is one of the main aspects of everyone’s life. Often people are clueless or confused about their career choices. Career and Volunteer Services can be really helpful. All you need to do is Ask for Help! Everyone here would be glad to guide you in following your dreams.

Hope to see you soon.