Hi everyone!

My name is Sadaf Ahmadi, and I just finished my second academic year as a computer science student. This is my second year at SFU as I am a transferred student from Douglas College. I’ve barely been on the SFU campus, so I can't wait to start classes in person and meet you all.

In the past, I have experience working in retail which I believe helped me to develop communication skills, teamwork, and the confidence to pursue new experiences. However, the most important thing that I learned about myself, working in this field, was my passion to help others which is why I applied to become a career peer educator.

Besides that, I’m always interested in learning about new technologies and recently I attempted to familiarize myself with blockchain technology which led me to find out more about cryptocurrencies and WOW, that’s a whole new world!

In my spare time I like working out, exploring new restaurants, watching tech news (probably TED Talks or something about crypto and blockchain), spending time with my family.

A fun fact about me: I am scared of birds

I’m more than happy to be a part of Career Peer program and looking forward to meeting you all!