Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Career and Volunteer Services. I am delighted to be part of the program and happy to help you through your journey with the Career Peer program. My name is Samiya, and I am currently doing my bachelor’s in resource environment management. Besides that, I am also pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Before coming to SFU I started my diploma in Aerospace engineering in Bangladesh my home country.  I came to Canada in December 2017 with an intention to study in Engineering but there was a major shift in my mindset, so I started to find my why again and finally I have chosen the major I am passionate about. I love travelling, reading, dancing, meeting new people, trying new cuisines and knitting.

Currently I am working as a sales professional in a marketing company and help my coworkers and lead my team to improve their sales techniques. I am also a part of two clubs in SFU. I am the president in IJM SFU and VP of Education in Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters.
I hope my experience in diverse fields and my skills in problem solving, organizing and detail orientation will help you both in your academic and professional career.