Hi everyone!

My name is Sukhpreet Shergill. I am majoring in biological sciences. I am minoring in environmental toxicology, counselling and human development and psychology. However, I am planning on doing a double degree, with psychology being my second major.

I am a current volunteer for SFU's Science in Action program. Science in Action is a community-based science outreach program that provides supplementary free science workshops and activities for elementary and high school students and teachers. Through this volunteer program, I developed my communication skills, teamwork skills and teaching skills. Furthermore, I learned that I loved interacting and working with youth. In addition, I learned that I am passionate about helping others and sharing my knowledge. My passion for helping others sparked my interest in counselling psychology, multicultural counselling and career counselling. I am also a volunteer for the Hi-FIVE Movement. The Hi-FIVE Movement is a student-led group that works with SFU Health & Counselling to reduce the stigma around mental health and bring awareness to mental health support options and resources available at SFU. Destigmatizing mental health is something I am very passionate about since the stigma around mental health is still ongoing.

Outside of school and volunteering, I enjoy reading fiction, listening to music, watching TV shows and movies. Fun fact, I watch all of the Harry Potter movies at least once every year!

For most people, career pathways are not linear. Career choices and interests can change at any time. Also, you may experience hindrances or blocks as you continue on your career pathway. Therefore, one way to get help is to use the resources available at SFU Career and Volunteer Services. As a Career Peer Educator, I look forward to meeting and helping you with your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to help you along your career pathway.