Hello, my name is Tahani Shraida. I am a first-year student at SFU, currently in my 2nd semester, and I'm majoring in biological sciences. However, I am considering transferring to Kinesiology after passing the required courses.  

I have a great passion for science and medicine. My role model in life is scientist Marie Curie. I am so influenced by her courage, endurance, and passion for science; even though she began her post-secondary studies at 24, she became the first woman, and the only person, in the world to win 2 Nobel Prizes in 2 different scientific fields.

I have worked as a personal tutor for about three years. Although I have not taken any courses in teaching, I had developed my teaching methods since high school when I was helping my classmates with complex subjects in the easiest way possible. It later helped me give lessons to students in elementary and secondary schools in Arabic, English, and other topics like science, chemistry, etc. I think the key to it is trying to put myself in the student's shoes to figure out the most appropriate way to help. Furthermore, I have been a school events speaker in high school. As I like writing and public speaking, one of my dreams is to be a motivational speaker.

I enjoy writing, watching movies, series, documentaries about ancient civilizations, tennis, and soccer matches in my free time. As a fun fact about me, I love to watch kids’ cartoons as well, especially an old anime called Yu-Gi-Oh!

I am delighted to be a Career Peer to help other students with their resumes and Cover Letters. Meanwhile, I believe this opportunity will add so much to me.

I look forward to meeting and assisting you all!