Hello everyone!

My name is Yunbin and I am majoring in Criminology.

Throughout my time at SFU, I was always wondering two things, my future career and community involvement. So, when I heard about volunteering experience as a Career Peer, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to connect with members of the SFU community. I understand that job searching and job applications can be challenging, so as a Career Peer, I want to learn and share with everyone to make the process more enjoyable.

Besides my time at SFU, I have worked in customer service, where I had chances to interact with amazing people. My work experiences allowed me to gain valuable skills such as communication skills, adaptability, and creativity that could support me to become a good Career Peer.

In my free time, I am trying to learn a new language, it is challenging, but the sense of achievements I get from my improvements motivates me to continue studying. To me, learning a language means I have an opportunity to learn about the history and the culture behind the language, which allows me to respect, appreciate, and connect with the language and the people.

I look forward to meeting with everyone!