Looking for work requires work! A successful strategy will include a variety of approaches and tools.

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Use our downloadable guide to explore remote, freelance and contract opportunities you can do from home, or anywhere!

Career exploration tools

Take advantage of the information available on specific occupations, sectors and opportunities to make your work search more effective.

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Job posting sites

Online postings are a start —but many jobs are not advertised! Connecting with people in your field is a key way to uncover opportunities.

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Information interviews

Possibly the best work search technique, an information interview helps you gain valuable information to launch or boost your career.

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Resume and cover letter 

Employers often review your application in fewer than 30 seconds!  How can you keep yours out of the “no” pile?  

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Interview skills 

Preparation and practice are key factors in successfully demonstrating you are the best fit for the position.

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Online presence

Increasingly, employers are using social media to screen out candidates as well as to find potential employees whose outlook fits with that of their organization.

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