"Employers are increasingly using social media and other online methods to source candidates and conduct background checks."

-Heather Gawenda, SFU Career Education Specialist, CVS

As a university student, it is important that you build and maintain a positive online presence. Potential employers will check online for authenticity and engagement. Think about not only the content of your own profiles, but also how you engage with others on social media sites, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, and other websites. Here are six ways to build your online presence

➤ 1) Be Professional 

Go back and edit your social media profiles, filter tagged photos and comments so that anything found online aligns with your current goals, values, and interests. Going forward, be mindful of your activity and interactions; everything should be respectful, responsible, and reliable.

➤ 2) Be Consistent

Potential employers will look for sincerity and authenticity in your online activity. Post regularly and professionally on social media sites and your website or blog. Use the same profile picture and name on all your professional online platforms to show consistency in personal branding.

➤ 3) Be Social and Engaging

Follow organizations that share your values, and are involved in work you are interested in. Employers search for candidates in the comments section! Use LinkedIn to connect and interact with people and groups in your industry. Form professional and meaningful relationships with others to stay informed and identify opportunities

➤ 4) Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and is an effective way to create professional connections.

Benefits of LinkedIn

  •  It can help you establish an online presence
  •  You can connect with alumni in your area of study and interest
  •  You can easily research prospective employers
  •  You can explore and find new jobs
  • It can supplement your resume, or sometimes replace it

All SFU students have free enrollment in a complete, step-by-step online course to mastering LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Guys course covers it all: from turning your profile into a recruiter magnet to engaging fellow alumni and connections around the world to help you get your foot in the door. Enroll here

Book a one-on-one LinkedIn appointment with one of SFU’s Career Peers for a quick run-down on the many features of LinkedIn and tips to improve your profile!

➤ 5) Build a Portfolio

An online portfolio is a convenient way to display and demonstrate your skills and talents in past projects. It gives an overview of what you are capable of and increases your chances of getting a job.

➤ 6) Start a Blog

Share your interests and ideas with others in a blog. Your articles could be related to your field, or topics that you are interested in. By blogging, you differentiate yourself from your competition and show your dedication, while demonstrating your writing skills.

Let us help!  Call 778.782.3106 or email careers@sfu.ca to book an appointment for assistance with your online presence and LinkedIn. To find an upcoming workshop, see the Careers Events calendar on myExperience.

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