Cover Letter Check List

Use this checklist to be sure employers know WHY you want the job, and that your strengths and experience are backed up with evidence

Y Design

  • Is your format - including letterhead, font style and size -consistent with your resume and easy to read?
  • Are there any paragraphs that are too long?
  • Is it visually appealing?
  • Is there enough "white space" around the text?

Y Content

  • Have you identified strengths and attributes that set you apart from other candidates? If you’re having trouble consider asking friends, family members or past supervisors
  • Does the letter clearly express WHY you want this job or why they should hire you?
  • Does it highlight what you can contribute?
  • Does it match the core values and skill set that the employer wants?
  • Does the letter use an appropriate tone or writing style for that particular employer?

Y Edit

  • Are there any places where you can say the same thing using fewer words?
  • Is your letter free of spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Have you asked someone to proofread your letter?