Colin Fowler


I got involved with the Build the SFU Gondola group after experiencing severe delays on numerous occasions during my weekly commute to SFU. I truly believe that a gondola will have a tangible and long-lasting impact on the lives of students, and I’m excited to see how it changes Burnaby campus.

Over the last 16 months, the discourse has evolved and the largely negative feedback around the gondola has turned mostly positive. I will dedicate myself to this cause until it’s built.

How he's a changemaker

At Build the SFU Gondola, our work is to inform the public of the gondola benefits, mostly through social media and word of mouth. Our Facebook page takes the day to day experiences of SFU students, such as pass-ups and bus breakdowns, and explains how a gondola would change the commuter’s journey. We do get a lot of questions from students and the public, and we’ve also done over a dozen interviews for news outlets to ensure the pro-gondola side is heard.

How can others get involved?

Should anyone like to get involved or find out more about the SFU gondola, we can be contacted via our Facebook page. We always appreciate people who share our posts, as it amplifies our message.