Stephanie Chiakwelu


I would love to see more black women getting involved in SFU politics. Before I decided to create this group, I had already been a student at SFU for a few years and I still had not seen a campaign poster with a black woman on it. This led me to become the representation that I wanted to see on campus - I ran in the 2019 SFSS elections. Even though I wasn’t elected, it didn’t stop me from pursuing my goal of seeing more Black Women in SFU politics, so I created the Young Black Women Leaders group.

How she's a changemaker

I organized an event on June 20, titled “Where are black women in SFU politics?” to engage with other black women on campus to discuss how we can get our voices heard on the political forum. We have since created a Facebook group called Young Black Women Leaders to share opportunities with each other and brainstorm on the steps to take, to create this change we seek. We are also looking into getting registered as an official SFU club eventually.

How can others get involved?

This group is open to all black women and allies on campus. Our first event set the tone for that - a lot of other non-black students and staff helped us pull this event together. We do need help raising awareness about the group so that more black women at SFU with an interest in politics could join us.