Lining Up for Registrar and Information Services

Registrar and Information Services at Burnaby campus has a mobile queuing solution that lets you get in line for the student services counter using your cell phone or using the self-service station.

Use your cellphone

Text “sfu burnaby” to 778.383.7663.  You’ll get a text message back asking you to choose the service you need.

Once you’re in line, you’ll receive updates for your wait and we’ll let you know when to come back and which station will be serving you.


Or get into line using the self-service station

You can join the line by entering your cell phone number or name at the self-service station at Burnaby Registrar and Information Services at MBC 3200.  Enter your cell phone number if you’d like to receive updates about your wait time and to be notified when your turn is coming. If you don’t have a cell phone or would rather use your name, select the "No Phone?" button and enter your name.

When you’re finished, watch the screens to check your spot in line.  If you’ve given us your cell phone number, we’ll text you when it’s time to come back to Registrar and Information Services.