Update to face coverings order

March 10, 2022

This email was sent to all spring graduate and undergraduate students at 4:20pm March 10, 2022.

This message is sent on behalf of Catherine Dauvergne, vice-president academic and provost. It has been sent to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has announced the end of the face coverings order effective March 11, 12:01 a.m. Beginning tomorrow masks are no longer required in indoor public spaces across the province. Masks will be a matter of personal choice going forward, unless further public health orders are made.

At SFU we encourage mask use on our campuses at this time, and particularly in spaces where we are in close proximity. Please be understanding and compassionate of people’s individual circumstances and individual choices about masks as we continue to cultivate a community of care. We anticipate that many members of our community will continue to prefer to wear masks in indoor spaces.

This change may feel sudden. It’s important to take time to absorb the change and reflect on the personal decisions you will make. As we continue to adapt, I am grateful to be part of a community that is highly vaccinated and that has consistently prioritized care for one another. My thanks to each of you for everything you do.

Yours truly,

Dr. Catherine Dauvergne, QC
Vice-President, Academic and Provost