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Centre for Students with Disabilities
1250 Maggie Benston Centre
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6

Office Hours
9am-4pm, Monday through Friday


The receptionist provides secretarial support services for the Centre for Students with Disabilities, handles the bulk of our correspondence and is responsible for maintaining our records. Our receptionist is the first contact for most students, staff and faculty.

Shannon Magnuson (acting)

Disability Services Officers

The DSO is responsible for implementing academic accommodations for students with disabilities. The DSO also supervises the examination process, works with other departments to arrange for academic and resource assistance, consults with faculty and government officials regarding services and adaptive equipment, and makes arrangements for specialized assistants for students with disabilities.

Niloofar Aslaminejad

David Le

Disability Access Advisors

The Disability Access Advisors are responsible for reviewing and verifying all student documentation and determining which academic accommodations are appropriate for each student. Disability Access Advisors also provide faculty with recommendations to assist with the implementation of accommodations and services. The Disability Access Advisors work with students to provide learning skills support and provide advice on disability related issues.

Matthew Menzies, M.A.

Anita Kwan

Suzanne Leach, B.Sc. (OT)

Ron Snitz, M.A.


The Director is responsible for the management of the Centre for Students with Disabilities. He is responsible for policy development and acts as the university representative on matters relating to students with disabilities to government, post-secondary institutions, agencies and professional organizations.

Mitchell Stoddard, PhD. R. Psych