Parents and Family

Welcome to the Centre for Students with Disabilities at Simon Fraser University. We realize that as parents and family members, you have played a significant role in assisting your children throughout their academic careers, and that beginning university will be a major transition in both your and your student's lives. See general SFU parent and family resources here.

All information with respect to a student's needs, registration with the CSD, their academic accommodations and documentation will be treated as completely confidential, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of BC. Students wishing their parents or other family members to have access to information must provide the CSD with written consent. For more information, see Confidentiality.

Quick Links

Disabilities at SFU: Overview of the role of the CSD and some important facts about us.

Definitions: The most important CSD vocabulary - SFU's definition of a disability and the meaning of 'reasonable' academic accommodation.

Getting Started: Details about disclosing a disability on the application to SFU and how to register with the CSD, as well as information about applying to SFU under Diverse Qualifications.

Documentation: Why documentation is necessary, as well as specific requirements for each category of disability (such as documenting a Learning Disability, AD/HD or a vision impairment).

Accommodations and Services: What accommodations are and how they work at SFU, as well as eligibility requirements.

Student Success at University: Key differences between high school and university, plus tips for a successful transition, as well as details on the types of academic support that is available to students. You will also find financial planning tips for parents.