Fall term

Fall Exam Schedule now available

 For information regarding fall exams, FAQs and how this new process has reduced instances of exam hardship, please see www.sfu.ca/students/exams/new-exam-scheduling.html

Special note regarding exams for Fall 2020

Please be advised to check exam timing and format with your instructor. There are to be no in-person final exams this fall, however the existing exam times may be utilized by your instructor for remote/online exams.

And visit www.sfu.ca/students/support for additional information during COVID-19.


  • The exam schedule
  • Updates since the exam schedule was published, if any

Fall 2020 final exam schedule

* Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule as of Dec 7.pdf
For updated exam information please check your account on the Student Information System (log in to go.sfu.ca).

This exam schedule includes class numbers and sections, instructors, the day, date, time and type of exam and room numbers.

Section types Examination types
D = day R = regular
E = evening O = open book
C = distance education S = special

Final exams — student responsibilities

It is your responsibility to:

  • attend the final examinations scheduled for your classes. Be sure to bring your SFU student ID card to your exams. If you are unable to supply acceptable proof of identify, the invigilator may deny you the opportunity to write the exam.
  • check goSFU for the most current information on your exam. We will post a paper exam schedule with room numbers at the same time at the following campus locations. If an exam change is indicated elsewhere than in the locations shown below (for example, on the door of the examination room), and is not posted at the official locations, below, you must verify the change at the department's general office or with the instructor of the class. If it is not possible to verify a change, you must attend the examination at the originally scheduled time.

Burnaby campus

  • Student Services, Maggie Benston Centre, 3200

Vancouver campus

  • Reference desk, Belzberg Library

Surrey campus

  • Loans desk, Fraser Library

Exam hardship

You may be faced with examination hardship, which is defined as:

  • three or more end-of-term examinations scheduled within a 24 hour period
    • if and only if the start of the first exam to the completion of the last exam falls within a 24 hour period
  • an examination at one location (eg, the main Burnaby campus) followed immediately by an exam at another location (eg, the Surrey campus).

For three or more exams, you will be given a new exam date (within the established exam period) for the second exam causing hardship (by the respective instructor or department/faculty). If you have an exam at more than one location, advance arrangements will be made by your instructor or department/faculty for you to write both exams at a single location. You must notify your instructor(s) and department one month prior to the exam date.

Online and Distance Education exams

If you live within Metro Vancouver (south of Squamish and west of Chilliwack), you are required to write your exam on the Burnaby campus.

Note: If you reside outside of Metro Vancouver, you can apply to write your exam out of town with an approved proctor.

During an exam

You will not be permitted to enter the examination room after the first 30 minutes or to leave within the first 30 minutes. If you arrive after the first 30 minutes, you will be referred to your department for alternative arrangements.

Don't bring valuables with you to exams. The University accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items in exam space.

Examination aids

Aids such as calculators, reference materials, tablets, laptops, etc. may not be used unless authorized by the instructor.