Engagement Peers

The Engagement Peer Educator program on campus is a free service available to all students. Engagement Peers are here to answer all of your questions about involvement on and off campus. You can stop by for a quick chat, or engage in a conversation that is tailored to your needs and interests. 

Stop by anytime during our drop-in hours and discover how you can get involved! You may also schedule an appointment with a specific Engagement Peer. To do so, please email involved@sfu.ca with your contact information, the name of the Peer, and your preferred date and time based on the Peer's schedule below. 

Engagement Peer Drop-In Schedule

Engagement Peer drop-in hours are not available during the semester break. We will resume drop-in hours in Fall 2017. 

If you are interested in becoming an Engagement Peer, please contact Debbie Molnar at debbie_molnar@sfu.ca.

m  All appointments are located in the Thelma Finlayson Centre for Student Engagement (MBC 2000)

Learn more about Betty


Hey! You’ve stumbled across the Engagement Peer page. Here’s a little about me. I’m Betty and I’m an Engagement Peer! I am a fourth year MBB (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry) & Math student. You’ve probably seen me roaming around the halls of MBC or AQ looking determined and focused. I’m always on the go! If I’m not pacing in the halls, I’ll be at either Higher Grounds or Starbucks grabbing caffeine to keep me going through the day.

Why am I an Engagement Peer? It all started back in the day with one measly four hour volunteer shift during SFU Surrey’s Open House. I realized then that I love cupcakes (it was free!) and being part of something so much bigger than me. The awe, the wonder; it hit me like rock! Ever since then, I’ve broaden my horizons from SFU Rec to Welcome Day.

Volunteering has given me memorable experiences and I hope to open your eyes toward. 

Learn more about Emi


Hi, my name is Emi and I'm a 4th year English major. I love watching TV, movies and dramas in my free time. I chose to be an engagement peer educator because I love meeting new people and I love hearing them talk about their culture. University can be an intimidating place and because of its bustle, you might feel lost or intimidated. I have felt like this, and getting involved is the best way to counteract it. I actively try to get involved in numerous things just because I end up learning things I would never have known had I just gone to class and nowhere else. 

Learn more about Enoch


Hi there, my name is Enoch Weng and I am currently in my last year at SFU, Majoring in Finance and HR, and Minoring in Music. I'm a business kid on the outside, but really a musician at heart!

I’ve come to really love the SFU Community, and have really enjoyed volunteering and helping out with the SFU community over the years. I was told about the Engagement Peer program from one of my friends, and I jumped at the chance when I heard about becoming a peer educator. I've had such great experiences with campus life, and I would love to help you discover and enjoy what SFU has to offer!

I’ve been an Orientation Leader, two-time Frosh Leader, and two-time Beedie Mentor, and currently am a Team Lead for the Beedie Mentorship Program. Right now, I’m the President of the SFU Recital Society, and Vice President Finance for AIESEC SFU. I’m also currently involved with Power2Change and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Outside of school, I teach piano, and I play the keyboard/bass for my church worship team, and for a J-Rock Band (crazy I know). If you're into anime, you might have seen us play at AE or AR!

Being an Engagement Peer is a way for me to give back to the community that gave me so much. I'm a pretty chill guy, and you can usually catch me jammin' away at the keys at the Forum Chambers, hitting the SFU Gym, or just strolling the hallways of the AQ! Looking forward to meeting you sometime. 

*Enoch now serves as the President of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). 

Learn more about Erik


Hello there! My name is Erik and I am a fourth year student in the Psychology and Labour Studies programs. Some interests of mine include entrepreneurship, travel, and learning about new technologies.

Volunteering is truly one of the best ways to get involved in your community because you will learn more about yourself, gain valuable experience outside of the classroom, and become a member of that same community you engage with.

My first volunteer opportunity at SFU was as an orientation leader, after this I started and ran my own club (it’s still going today!) and joined the 2015 SFU Relay For Life organizing committee. I've learned a lot in the past by volunteering and hope to continue this even more as an Engagement Peer.

Book an appointment today and we will explore the many opportunities available for you to get involved.

Learn more about Jeffery


Welcome to another exciting school year! Reaching here means you have curiosity on what SFU has to offer to enrich your post-secondary experience! My name is Jefferey. I am a 4th year majoring in MBB (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry). Same as many of you, I was not active in volunteering in my first few years. I spent most of my time doing courses and maybe a bit of side hobby. Right now being an EP, I have my eyes on interesting things that are happening at school. I get to share my experience with my fellow peers, and be inspired by their experiences. It’s always a win-win.

My hobbies include singing covers on Japanese songs, doing audio mixing, playing the piano, doing smashes on badminton, playing mastermind in a chess game, sightseeing, and going out for food hunt (maybe a bit of Pokemon hunting). And I am very happy to have met with other inspiring and talented individuals, engaging into collaboration with them. See? Getting involved is as simple as sharing passion and putting yourself out to experience the world. There are a lot to look into. And, I am ready to guide you to the door for you to explore the fun.

Learn more about Nadia


I am Nadia Dos Santos, a third year economic student. I decided to be an engagement peer to connect with new people. I like what the program offers to new students as well as peers. It's a great opportunity to help students find their way in university and do things that will make their experience fun and memorable, and as peers we get to help, learn, have fun and make lasting friends.

Learn more about Rachel


Hello all! I’m Rachel and I’m an Engagement Peer. Last year, I discovered a surprising interest in outreach and student involvement. Because I had such a positive experience with this program as a client, I decided to join as a peer educator.

I’m also active on campus as a Residence Orientation Leader, a Collective member at the Women’s Centre, and a member of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. What I love about SFU is the wide breadth of opportunities – it’s only a matter of finding your passion.

Come book a consultation and let’s see what we can find together!

Learn more about Sambo


I chose to be an engagement peer because I want to motivate and inspire other students to get actively involved with SFU and their local communities. This is because getting involved has helped me improve on my active listening, communication, time management, event planning, problem solving, critical thinking skills and clear judgment. I have met and became friends with people from different cultures I wouldn't have interacted with if I just went to class alone. I have formed connections which will last a lifetime by being involved at SFU and beyond. 

Learn more about Sara


Hello! Bonjour!  What's in it for you to be engaged? Well from my personal experience, I am proud to say that I gained a lot of valuable skills and experiences that have enabled me to pursue many different opportunities. It started with a strong feeling of longing to do something other than academics and one opportunity led to another! I found myself engaged on and off campus such as at the Vancouver Aquarium, The Canadian Red Cross and The Port Moody Museum! My roles at SFU consist of Student Ambassador, Model United Nations Club, FASS mentor, Fairs Week Volunteer Coordinator, Alumni Caller for University Advancement and I also serve on three senate committees. All of these opportunities have allowed me to figure out what it is I want to do career wise. This summer I was hired as a Cultural and Youth Programs Coordinator mainly due to my volunteer roles!  I have become extremely passionate about finding roles that fit my interests as well as skills that I want to develop. Book an appointment with me and I will help you discover the perfect fit for you - on and off campus!

Learn more about Trina


Hi there, I’m Trina and I’m a second-year Criminology major! In the last year, I have found my passion for volunteering on campus. I am so excited to be an engagement peer and share my love for volunteering with others to help them get engaged and enhance their experience here at SFU. Being engaged on campus has opened doors for more opportunities, allowed me to build valuable friendships and bonds, and has helped me develop and get experience that is very beneficial. Not only do I volunteer as an engagement peer I am also a FASS Connections Mentor, FASS FLC Peer Leader, Programs Fair/Open House Volunteer, Welcome Day Leader, and Student Ambassador. When I am not volunteering, you can find me baking, going on adventures, or simply snuggled up in bed relaxing. I am looking forward to helping you find opportunities on and off campus so your time at SFU can be even more worthwhile! 

Learn more about Tynan


Hi! I’m Tynan. I’m all about baby-steps and deciding what engagement means for YOU. Engagement on campus could mean visiting on-campus amenities, like the school gym, or sit-in dining services at Cornerstone Café, attending SFU-sponsored events, taking part in case competitions or studying abroad! University is a time to challenge yourself, and step out of your comfort zone, and I hope to do that every day.

I’m a fourth year Marketing student who you can always find playing the pop-up carnival games that sometimes make an appearance in the SFU quad (thanks, SFSS!). As an engagement peer, I hope to help you discover new and exciting ways to get involved on campus, get to know more of your peers, and mostly to challenge yourself and have fun doing it!

Learn more about Wenting


Hey there! My name is Wenting Duan and I am a fourth year business student majoring in Finance. I am proud to be a foodie, an introvert, and to be involved in the SFU community. I really appreciate the people I met when I first entered SFU. They introduced me to the SFU volunteer program through which I have gained valuable experiences. I have been a community tax volunteer and a welcome leader, and these positions allowed me to grow and meet friends. I believe I belong here and now I want to shout out to you. As an engagement peer educator, I would like to help you explore your passion and help you access the opportunities that you have been looking for.