Student Engagement Fund

The Student Engagement Fund (SEF) provides financial support for student-led activities, events, and projects that engage the student community and enhance the student experience. This initiative will encourage and support students who wish to engage with their peers to build a stronger sense of community on all three SFU campuses.

SEF funding is intended as top up funding after some funding is received from other sources.

Who is eligible to apply for the fund?

  • Students who are involved in organizing a student-led initiative, activity, or event that enhances student engagement and contributes to build a stronger sense of community on all three campuses.
  • Students in good academic standing (CGPA 2.0 or higher) and financial standing (no outstanding SFU account balance) at the time of the application through to the activity, event, or initiative period.
  • A group of students - the applicant must provide contact information for three students.

What type of event/initiative is eligible to be funded by the SEF?

  • Must involve some type of student engagement 
  • Must be open to all SFU students

Note: The initiative cannot be for personal gain, personal development or conference travel, and cannot be used toward supporting soft costs (such as the costs of existence of a club or regular meetings).

Other application information

  • Applications must be made a minimum of two weeks before the activity, event, or project takes place.
  • The applicants must have a staff or faculty member who provides mentorship/direct support in overseeing the event/initiative. Students must complete the application, but the staff/faculty member must submit it on behalf of the students.
  • In order to receive reimbursement after the event, a summary report and the original receipts must be submitted to Student Engagement and Retention.
  • In all cases, the student organizers will be required to agree to policies and stipulations of the program.

How to apply

Download the PDF and submit it to Student Engagement and Retention ( at least two weeks before the activity takes place.

Questions? Please contact us at