Engagement Peer Educator

Engagement Peer Educators work collaboratively with the department of Student Engagement and Retention to develop strategies to promote student involvement beyond the classroom. Engagement Peers coordinate and deliver involvement outreaches, as well as provide one-on-one assistance to students looking for opportunities to expand their learning and involvement on campus.


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Website: www.sfu.ca/students/get-involved/contact.html
Contact: involved@sfu.ca

For Position Details and how to apply:

  1. Go to myinvolvement.sfu.ca and click on "Student"
  2. Log in with your computing ID and password
  3. From the left hand menu, click on "Opportunities"
  4. Click on "Getting Involved"
  5. Enter the Job ID in the "Search by Opportunity ID" search field

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i Note:  This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record.

Type: Volunteer
Campus: Burnaby

Hiring period: 

Start date: TBA
Application deadline: TBA